Nazarbayev Intellectual school’s students of the city gave a successful start to the project “Kitap-fest”. Today, a group of 9th grade students went to the city to tell the guests of the oil region about the publication of Olga Gromova – “Sugar child”. Students shared with the people they met on buses and stops of the city about this book, they read excerpts from the work. This project is aimed at promoting and developing the reader’s culture among the population. The main stage of the project will be held on February 13-15, when NIS will held reading of 16 books aimed at the development of training and education. Today, young intellectuals urged Atyrau to read more books. They handed out leaflets with an annotation of the book “Sugar child”, where each person was given an address to download the book on the Internet. The event “Book walks around the city “in the framework of the project” Kitap-fest ” will continue tomorrow.