NIS of Atyrau has won the Grand Prix of the Republican contest

Aziza Abatova and Dilnaz Mubarak, students of the 7th grade at the Atyrau Intellectual School, won the Grand Prix at the annual national competition of research projects and creative works “Zerde”.


The project “Orange Peel Fertilizer” is recognized as the best of hundreds of works by schoolchildren. The presented topic, dedicated to ecology, is one of the most relevant in the world of science. Atyrau pupils decided to investigate the issues of waste recycling. It is known that the peel of fruit contains many minerals and vitamins, but, as a rule, the fruit peel is thrown into the trash and sent to the landfill of solid waste.


Aziza and Dilnaz decided to conduct an experiment in which they found out that the orange peel has properties to improve the quality of the soil and can be useful for feeding plants.


“There are two types of fruit peel, acidic and alkaline. In our project, we concerned on the use of acidic species   because it reduces the salinity of the soil. As well as in the fruit itself, the fruit peel has a sufficient amount of moisture, which is necessary to preserve the water balance and reproduction of favorable bacteria”, -said the authors of the project.


Information and photos prepared by the NIS press service of Atyrau