Abylay Amangeldiuly, a student of the 12th grade of NIS in Atyrau, received a grant for free education at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University «Jacobs Bremen University (Constructor University)» in Bremen, Germany.

– This is a very big opportunity for me. In general, Germany itself is a real European state, rich in knowledge, where talented people are concentrated. Since childhood, I wanted to get an education in this country. Having become a technologically advanced and dynamically developing IT industry, I dreamed of entering the higher education system of this country. I am very grateful to the Kazakh education industry, the NIS system, and the teachers who gave me education for this opportunity, – says future IT specialist.

It should be recalled that Abylay on behalf of NIS Atyrau competed in the subject Olympiads, international competitions Infomatrix, WRO, IMUN, «Republican center of distance Olympiads», «Academy of foreign professors and students of Eurasia». Now he intends not only to stop at this result, but also to try his hand at other universities.