8th grade students of NIS Atyrau Dana Zarapova, Altynai Kubaydollayeva, Nurtas Nurym, Asylkhan Shukurbayev received a grant in the amount of 700 thousand tenge within the framework of the project "NXplorers: Zhasyl urpak baygesi 2.0", organized by Caravan of Knowledge with the support of Shell.

The regional competitions, which started in September in Atyrau, were attended by students of grades 8-11. The final competition took place yesterday.
«NXplorers. Zhasyl urpak baygesi 2.0" is part of Shell's global initiative. With the help of an innovative educational program, by participating in the competition, students acquired the tools and skills of critical and creative thinking, change management, risk and quality. Now they can apply this knowledge to solving practical problems in the real world.

The participants were instructed to protect projects in the field of ecology and nature protection. Students of NIS Atyrau studied environmental problems of Atyrau region and paid special attention to soil problems. In particular, they were concerned about the volume of future products that could be obtained due to the small amount of arable land and water shortage in our region. As a result of their research to solve this problem, the team members settled on growing vegetables through an "aeroponic tower", which is an alternative form of modern vegetable growing.

It should be noted that aeroponics allows you to grow plants by delivering nutrients to the roots in the form of pollen through water without using soil. Main advantages: the growth is 3 times faster and the harvest is 50% richer. With this method, 35 different crops can be grown in ordinary apartments, public catering places and on the roofs of skyscrapers, such as lettuce, table herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and beans.
The project grant will allow students to install an aeroponic device within the school and ensure its functioning.