The Shadow Theater of NIS Atyrau won the first place at the student theater festival hosted by Oil and Gas University named after Safi Utebayev. This competition, entitled «Batyrs of the Day of Peace» was held in celebration of Makhambet Utemisov's 220th birthday. It was attended by nine teams comprised primarily of high school students from the region. As a result, the NIS Atyrau Shadow Theater received three nominations, the top prize, and a trophy-filled basket.

The theater that performed «Babalar Amanaty» currently has ten students. They are: Aida Kairatova, Rizabek Utegenov, Zhanarys Suyeuov, Kuanysh Amangeldy, Aybat Mizam, Aruzhan Gabit, Moldir Salim, Aruzhan Dabisova, Aliya Dinderbay, Adilet Abilkasym.

– We heard about this competition only two days ago. We are always on our feet, without interrupting our training. I didn't know would we have oppportunity ti participate in it, – he said. In general, in the NIS system, education and upbringing are twin concepts. Therefore, in our school, great importance is attached to the field of education, art. I would say that the shadow theater is the fruit of this. At the same time, our team consists only of students, but the fact that we received the main prize gave the students a new impetus and special motivation, – says the head of the theater Arman Nygmanov.

It should be noted that in addition to the main prize, the shadow theater was recognized as the winner in the categories «Best choreographic art», «Best Director», and the leading Arman Nygmanov was awarded the title «Best Director». The school team sincerely congratulates the shadow theater, which actively contributes to the glory of the school!