Four NIS Atyrau seventh- and ninth-grade teams participated in and won the worldwide competition Owlypia Intellectual Challenge.
200 youngsters from NIS, BIL, and Silk Way school teams engaged in the English competition for the development of intellect and critical thinking. They competed in quizzes, debates, and public speaking.

NIS students participated in the second age bracket of 12 to 14 years. They were awarded medals for singles play as well as cups for the second and third place in the team standings for their participation in all stages.

At the «team competition», the Rising stars team (Valikhan Yassawi, Aizere Utegenova, and Amina Bakirova) took the second place while the «Social cats» team took the third one (Rolan Akhmetov, Zhanerke Yerbolatova, Zhanuya Zharas ).
In individual competition they won: Yerlan Yerasyl – bronze, Dana Kuanyshkali and Ayaru Maksot – silver, Akbota Shavalieva, Zhanerke Yerbolatova, Ualikhan Yassawi, Galiya Malik, Zharas Zhanuya, Malika Zhakenova, Rolan Akhmetov, Aizere Utegenova and Amina Bakirova – gold.
In addition, Aizere Utegenova was named the best participant among the silver medalists, while Ualikhan Yassawi was named the best participant among the bronze medal-winning students.

All participants were granted permission to partcipate in the final round. Nowadays, twelve students have opportinty to choose one of these cities as Boston, Cambridge, or Dubai to compete in the final round of this tournament. Noteworthy is the fact that NIS English teachers prepared these students for this competition.