22 NIS Atyrau students participated in the online subject Olympiad in the science subjects direction.

Akbota Dosan, a 12th grade student, participates in the Biology Olympiad for the third time this year.

– Annually varying inquiries is a pattern. This time, I found the questions quite intriguing. By the end of the first tour, I realized that my level has increased dramatically over the past year. Currently I'm awaiting a summary of the outcomes of the second stage, – Akbota stated.

Galymzhan Ayapbergen, a 12th grade student, participated in a competition in computer science. He plans to become an expert in the creation of computer programs in the future.

– This year it is my second participation in this Olympiad. It is easier for me now than it was the last year due to my acquired experience. This encounter increased my interest in my future vocation. Although this is my last Olympiad within the school's walls, I will remember this moment as the most exciting in the school's history – Galymzhan says.

It is worth noting that 40 students take part in the network education competition from NIS Atyrau. 18 of them will take part in the Olympiad in the humanitarian direction tomorrow.