The Acting Club works in two directions: stage drama and Shadow Theater. The head of the art group is the teacher of additional education Arman Nygmanov.

The drama club of the Atyrau NIS is a good opportunity to reveal the creative potential of students, to educate the creative orientation of the individual. Children learn to notice interesting ideas in the world around them, to embody them, to create their own artistic image of a character, they develop creative imagination, associative thinking, the ability to see unusual moments in the ordinary.

Shadow theater is one of the most spectacular and accessible types of art for children, as it, taking into account certain characteristics of children, has a strong developing influence on the emotional sphere of the child, while performing communicative and regulatory functions. The school's shadow theater allows students to develop flexibility, physical endurance, the ability to work in a team and create new collective images.

Participants of the Shadow Theater of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Atyrau won the first place at the regional qualifying round of the XV Delphic Games. The stage composition of the shadow theater "My Kazakhstan!" is recognized as one of the best works of Atyrau children.

The school Shadow Theater of Atyrau opened the curtain of the concert program of the solemn event, which was dedicated to December 1, the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Autonomous Educational Organization "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools".

The Atyrau NICHE Shadow Theater took part in the master class of the Ukrainian shadow theater "Teulis". As part of the broadcast of the experience, the creative team prepared a composition in honor of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Director of the shadow theater "Teulis" Vitaly Suslovets and theater actress Alina Nimenko trained the actors of the shadow theater to create new playing silhouettes.

Currently, there are more than 20 performances in the repertoire of the drama club.