The NIS Press Young Correspondents Club gathered more than twenty students from grades 9-12. They all have a common love for media art. Some students like to take pictures, some create author blogs, write articles and make documentaries. The school Media Club is a platform for the implementation of ambitious ideas.

The main successes of the school media club:

The first short-length film "Arman asuy" (charity event of NIS students to help the family of Lyazzat Kubashkyzy)

Participants of the media club of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Atyrau organized a photo exhibition. Damir Altayuly and Tomiris Kushekenova, were trained at the summer elective course PHOTOCAMP 2021, organized by AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools". The photo exhibition presents the themes of the environment, the relationship of people with nature, the ecology of the industrial region.

The participants of the media club are the winners of the Grand Prix of the republican contest "Kazakhstan Umiti"

Members of the school media club, Asylan Abdolov and Rasul Zholshybek received the Main prize in the nomination "The Best
Young Correspondent", Tomiris Kushekenova "Best Young Photographer" and Damir Altayuly won the Grand Prix in the nomination "Best young Mobilographer".

Head of the club: teacher of additional education Jamankulov Anuar Jamankulovich