What conditions should be created for the comprehensive development of modern schoolchildren? How can we help to form a versatile strong personality, able to express thoughts freely? TED'x events are of great importance in achieving this goal. TED'x conferences in the format of "Ideas worthy of spreading" teach students to read throughout their lives, values such as social activity, openness, simplicity, leadership, respect and social significance.

TED'x NIS clubs at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School were established in 2012 with the support of the WikiBilim Public Foundation. This is the cornerstone of the first TED'x clubs opened in Kazakhstan. To date, thousands of students of Intellectual schools in the country are members of this club. The club members will discuss ideas and public lectures of leading scientists who speak Russian, Kazakh, English and others.

In addition, they prepare text reports on selected topics in accordance with the TED format. The members of the club fully possess skills such as public speaking, organizational qualities, are distinguished by leadership. He learns to respect the opponent's opinion, defend his point of view, make decisions for the group and the individual. The purpose of implementing this project in Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools is obvious. A student who is able to express his thoughts freely will meet limitless opportunities on the path of life.

This is evidenced by the speech of the chairman of the Board of the autonomous educational organization  Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools

"Kulyash Shamshidinova: – Kazakhs have a saying "the shorter, the better, the indisputable". Students should learn to speak briefly and concisely, be able to defend their position. A child who cannot express himself freely, a child who cannot offer what he has done, will remain unemployed in the labor market tomorrow. In this regard, it is necessary to give the child not only knowledge, but also to develop his character, responsibility, teach him to express his thoughts freely, - says Kulyash Nogataevna."