The methodological landing of the Center for Pedagogical Measurements (CPM) in the Intellectual School of Atyrau has completed. The seminar for teachers of the natural-mathematical and humanity cycles was devoted to the preparation for external summative assessment of 10-12 grades students.
School’ teachers, together with the CPM staff, worked on improving high-level skills, analyzed and discussed the results of external summative assessment in grades 10-12 in the context of each subject; tasks developed according to IGCSE, AS and A level standards; assessment procedures; samples of student responses to different grades.

– The group trainings and master classes were held, as well as coaching for group leaders on external summative assessment during the week. Today, raising the professional level of a teacher is impossible without improving assessment skills, «Compliance with the high requirements of the Cambridge International Examination Council is of particular important for teachers of Intellectual schools» – said Fariza Khamza, head of the monitoring and external summative assessment department of the Center for Pedagogical Measurements.

The main interest for all participants was discussion about «Why in some cases, despite the good performance during the educational process, children are not able to achieve the results on the final external assessment?»
– The priority is the question: “What does the teacher want student to get learn?”. The student must understand what knowledge and skills he must demonstrate during the assessment. The main conclusion that teachers made was that this problem requires a comprehensive solution. “The teachers gained knowledge on interpreting student results based on exam results, on developing tasks that are close to IGCSE, AS and A level standards, on understanding grading procedures” – said Asem Erkinova, senior manager of monitoring and external summative assessment of the Center for Pedagogical Measurements .