Школьные ценности


 SELF-AWARENESS AND RESPECT to others includes social additivity and healthy life style. Comprising of respect for one’s culture and language, as well as for different cultures and languages, rights, morals and a variety of believes. 

COLLABORATION includes development of good relationships, formation of collaborative skills, adaptability, and ability to think critically whilst forming relationships.

RESPONSIBLE PATRIOTIC AND GOOD CITIZENS that are honest, proactive, they bring integrity, critical ideas and diversity of opinions for the development of society, the defense of the nation and the environment, they speak Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages. 

ACADEMIC HONESTY respect for the ideas and thoughts of others, in compliance with the principles of academic integrity, tolerance for plagiarism and copying of information without specifying its source.

LIFELONG LEARNING instilling the love of learning through curiosity, creativity and criticism of the studied material, the continuous development of the mind, body, relationships and character. Includes the development of skills that will contribute to students’ independent learning.

TRANSPARENCY includes free access to information, such as development plans for the Intellectual School, expected learning outcomes and assessment procedures. Reciprocal visiting of classes (critical friends), conducting interviews and questionnaires.

The above values are aimed at the development of functional literacy, contributing to students in the future to successfully develop their education, to compete in the labor market and interact in society, to apply knowledge to achieve their own goals and objectives of society.