The project “Continuity of Generations” was successfully implemented at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemical and Biological Direction in Atyrau. In connection with the pandemic, the facilitator of Shanyrak “Alatau” visited the pensioner’s home Balzia Kultayeva. Elderly lady Balzia was instructed on how to protect herself from virus infections. Students of Shanyrak “Alatau” by connecting online, organized with elderly woman online quiz “Proverbs and sayings used in my life “. Today, the issue of continuity of generations occupies a special place in the education of adolescents. In strengthening the continuity, it is the older generation that plays the main role through the spiritual treasures they have preserved. The older generation is the carriers and keepers of family values and traditions. The most important task of teachers is to properly build interactions between generations.