The Library of NIS is designed to provide information and literature support for the education and upbringing process, which focused on innovations in this field. This contributes to the change of library funds and largely determines the modern approaches to acquisition, requires the search for new working methods.

         The main objectives of the library are:

– providing the educational process with educational resources, full coverage of library and information-bibliographic services for students and teachers;

– forming  independent library and information user skills;

– creation of conditions for development of research and independent working skills;

– improvement of traditional technologies and development of new library technologies.


         The total school book fund is 25,641 copies of books (6734 books in Kazakh language, 13,328 books in Russian, and 5,579 in English). Mostly literature comes to the library from Kazakh, Russian and foreign publishers, such as Macmillan, Oxford, Cambridge, Express Publisher, Longman and etc.


The general book fund consists of: Quantity (copies)
Educational literature 12084
Фcademic and methodological complex 6752
Encyclopedia 352
Dictionaries 108
Fiction literature 3987
Additional literature 2086
Electronic editions 201
Periodicals 71
Total 25641


         All available literature in the library’s fund is included in the KABIS system. Editions are placed in 17 catalogs: educational literature, additional literature, fiction, methodical literature. These catalogs are in three languages; didactic literature, electronic publications, periodicals and donated literature are in two languages.

         The library’s fund is annually replenished for 1415 copies of fiction and popular science literature for secondary and senior school age. There are programme literature, and for students’ extracurricular reading. Periodicals are part of the library fund. The periodical foundation consists of 71 names.

         The school library fund is formed in accordance with educational programs. When completing the literature collection librarians take into account the library users’ needs, information and educational needs of schoolchildren and teachers.  Therefore, library fund is carried out jointly with the heads of subject departments.