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External Summative Assessment


         External Summative Assessment is an assessment defining the level of knowledge and learning skills formation at the end of primary, secondary and high school in accordance with External Summative Assessment Model, which are developed externally for schools.

         The external summative assessment of primary school students is performed in accordance with Integrated criterion based assessment model and external summative assessment of students` achievements model which are developed in cooperation with Cambridge International Examinations.

         Secondary school students sit exam on five compulsory subjects (mother tongue (Kazakh/Russian), integrated second language and literature, English, Mathematics and History of Kazakhstan) and one subject for choice (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science).

         High school students sit exam on 3 compulsory subjects (Mathematics, Kazakhstan in the Modern World and English) and 2 subject for choice out of 4 (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science).

        Because of external summative assessment, Grade 10 students of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools receive certificate of secondary school education and Grade 12 students receive attestation of high school education, UNT certificate and CIE certificate with examination results on external summative assessment.