Educational work

Educational work


         The modern methodological basis of the educational work of the younger generation in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the National Idea «Mangilik El» as a system of general civil values. In this notion, such values as civil equality, diligence, honesty, a cult of learning and education, a secular state and tolerance are invested. The educational work of the school is aimed at the formation of a balanced, creative and highly moral personality capable of successfully acting in a competitive environment, with a high culture and civic responsibility, devoted to its homeland.

         Educational work was based on the values of the nationwide idea «Mangilik El». Promotion of these values was carried out through the integration of the main directions of educational work and the values of the national idea.

  1. Patriotic education – “Independence of Kazakhstan and Astana”;
  2. Intellectual development – “National security and global participation of our country in solving global and regional problems”;
  3. Moral education – “Secular society and high spirituality”;
  4. Physical and psychological development – “Society of General Labor”;
  5. Multicultural development – “National unity, peace and harmony in our society”;
  6. Leadership development – “Economic growth based on industrialization and innovation”;
  7. Artistic and aesthetic development – “The commonness of history, culture and language.”

         In addition, the priority is the inculcation of school values: respect for oneself and others; cooperation; responsible civil position; academic honesty; lifelong learning; transparency.

         The education of school values is carried out:

– Through the lessons;

– Through educational work;

– through extracurricular activities.