Translation of NIS experience


         In accordance with the instructions of the State Head on the translation of NIS experience, at an expanded Government meeting on April 18, 2011, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools for several years were engaged in analysis and implementation of the best international experience and practice in the education field. This provided an opportunity to accumulate significant experience and create facilities for the teachers’ capacity to translate systematically experience into Kazakhstani education system.

         Nowadays, NIS carry out a whole range of measures to translate their experience:

through the organization of advanced training for country teachers; the training of pedagogical universities students; the broadcasting of online lessons and seminars for secondary schools students and teachers;  international conferences and seminars on the study of innovative approaches in the education system world; pilot implementation of the updated content of secondary education;

         The work is carried out in three directions:

– teachers’ training and education;

– sharing of advanced pedagogical experience;

– updating the content of secondary education.

Group of teachers to work with the pilot school Myrzagaliyeva

Group of teachers for work with the pilot school-lyceum 17 in Atyrau city