Pilot schools

        President Nazarbayev noted that the main task of the Intellectual schools is not only to prepare competitive graduates, but also to develop the system of secondary education in Kazakhstan by broadcasting their experience, ensuring equal access to quality secondary education for all. According to the tasks set, the translation of experience is carried out in the following areas:

        One direction – the translation of experience in the general schools of the region (within the content of the integrated educational program and the programs of the level courses)

        Two direction – methodical support of approbation of the updated content of education in pilot schools of the region (30 pilot schools are defined in the republic, in Atyrau oblast 2 schools work in the mode of experiment: 17 school-lyceum of Atyrau city and secondary school named after J.Myrzagaliyev from Tushchykadyk of Isatay district). To provide practical assistance to pilot schools in approbation of the updated content of secondary education, the visits of the creative group of Nazarbayev teachers of the Intellectual School of the chemical and biological direction of the city of Atyrau to pilot schools and visits of teachers of pilot schools in NIS are systematically organized.

Fragments from the translation of the experience of NIS Atyrau for the school of Myrzagaliyeva

Fragments from the translation of the experience NIS Atyrau for the school-lyceum 17