Psychology and pedagogical maintenance


         The psychology and pedagogical service Nazarbayev of Intellectual school of Atyrau sets before itself the purposes on creation of system of psychological conditions for development of the identity of pupils, their successful training and education, completeness of realization of creative potential, sokhraneniy mental health, creation of favorable social and psychological climate in the organization of education.

         Subject to maintenance is educational process (teaching and educational process), at school of the increased level with the polylingual educational environment, as object of activity the situation of development of the child as the system of the relations with the world, plays with people around (adults and peers), with itself.

          Tasks of psychology and pedagogical service are:

          Psychological providing educational programs;

studying individual typological, personal and age features of teenagers, social and psychological factors and conditions of their education, training, development. Ensuring interaction of specialists of educational institution and parents in the solution of psychological problems of the child;

           Holding precautionary and preventive and psychotherapeutic actions for the purpose of psychological escort of the personality in pedagogical process;

to continue assistance to the maximum development of creative potential of the exceptional child;

Help (support) to the child in the solution of relevant problems of development, training, socialization: educational difficulties, problems with the choice.

In the work the service is guided by the main activities:

  • Psychological education and psychological prevention –
  • Psychological diagnostics
  • Psychological correction
  • Advisory activity