Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools started their next event dedicated to the 16th of December – Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Students and parents of “Makhambet” shanyrak of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Atyrau met at a round table in online format. First, in order to reveal the topic, participants were asked “blitz” questions and their knowledge of the topic was tested. Parents took an active part in answering questions that needed to be answered quickly. Later, intellectuals and their parents were divided into groups and did a little research. Thus, we all looked at the same event from several angles: the point of view of young people, the point of view of parents. Apart from this group, there was a group of “experts” who evaluated them. They evaluated the work of each group and shared their views. At the end of the event, the curator of the shanyrak Bakhytgul Adilbekovna made a concluding speech, read a poem by Zhuban Moldagaliev “I am Kazakh” and finished the round table on a beautiful note.