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Adress:22 Elorda Avenue in Nursaya, Atyrau city, Atyrau Region, Republic of Kazakhstan

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School Mission

Development and realization of intellectually gifted students' potential to succeed in a rapidly changing world


We strive not only to prepare a person for future activities by accumulating a huge amount of ready, systematized knowledge, but also to develop a person who forms new knowledge with the acquisition of acquired knowledge.

Global Citizenship

Is the ability to understand and think critically on global and local issues, express compassion, solidarity, respect, take responsibility and act accordingly for a better and sustainable world.



High-quality learning

 is a supportive learning environment that gives all students equal access to learning and builds on a quality learning process, providing students with opportunities to become active members of society and the global community as well as deep academic knowledge and self-education skills.

School Values

Respect for yourself and others: involves social adaptability and leading a healthy lifestyle. It includes both respect for one's own culture and language, as well as other cultures and languages, rights, morality and a variety of opinions.

Cooperation: includes development of warm relations, formation of cooperation skills and development of a constructive approach, ability to think critically when building relationships.

Responsible civic position: includes patriotism. Responsible citizens are honest, constructive and active, they bring integrity, critical ideas and diversity of opinions for the development of society, the protection of the nation and the environment, they speak Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages.

Academic integrity: respect for the ideas and thoughts of other people, which consists in observing the principles of academic honesty, intolerance to plagiarism and copying information without specifying its source.

Lifelong learning: instilling a love of study through curiosity, creativity and criticality of the material studied, the constant development of the mind, body, relationship and character. It includes the development of such skills and skills that will contribute to the independent education of students.

Transparency: Includes providing free access to information such as a school development plan, expected learning outcomes and procedures.

Well-being is: the ability to follow one's own interests, beliefs and values in order to find meaning and happiness in life and professional self-determination.

Diligence and creativity: presuppose consciousness and purposefulness, the ability to work hard and purposefully, create original and valuable ideas or objects using innovative thinking and mental flexibility.

Family values and traditions: form an understanding of the role and importance of the family, moral and ethical principles traditionally supported and transmitted in the family.

School Annual Reports

Intellectual schools have a policy of transparency and openness. Each year, the school administration will provide a report on the work done for each academic year.



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